EBC Symposium 2012 from chiller to filler


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EBC Symposium 2012

Following on from the very successful hop symposium which took place in September 2010 in Wolnzach (Bavaria), we now extend a warm welcome to the brewing sector and its associated stakeholders to come to the Carlsberg Research Centre in Copenhagen in September 2012. The topic of this year’s EBC symposium is “From chiller to filler”.

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EBC Brewing Science Group
9th Technical Meeting

The EBC Brewing Science Group meets as a brewing technical and academic forum to present results of their members’ research activities. Members use the opportunity to gain input and commentary from their fellow researchers from other institutions and frequestly, findings are presented which will be then made public at the following year’s EBC congress. Access to the Brewing Science Group is restricted and for members (and their nominated guests) only.

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