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EBC Brewing Science Group 11th Technical Meeting

The EBC Brewing Science Group meets as a brewing technical and academic forum to present results of their members’ research activities. Members use the opportunity to gain input and commentary from their fellow researchers from other institutions and frequestly, findings are presented which will be then made public at the following year’s EBC congress. Access to the Brewing Science Group is restricted and for members (and their nominated guests) only.

A special all-inclusive registration package of 160.00 Euro is being offered to members of the EBC Brewing Science Group, and their appointed guests, covering both events: The EBC Symposium and Brewing Science Group Technical Meeting. The meeting is scheduled for 20 - 22 September 2016, immediately after the EBC Symposium in the same locality (Wroclaw / Poland).



  • Aanton Paar
  • GEA
  • Hopsteiner
  • Actemium
  • Browary Polskie