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EBC Symposium 2016 “Modern brewhouse technologies and wort production”

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SUNDAY, 18 September 2016

Afternoon guided tour of the city followed by a boat trip on the Oder River. Delegates to meet at the Sofitel Old City Centre Hotel at 17h00. After a guided city walk, a beer and barbecue buffet dinner will be served on board.

MONDAY, 19 September 2016 (Sofitel Wrocław Old City Centre)

From 08h00 Registration desk
  Key-note Session
08h45 to 09h15 Former brewhouses and their evolution to modern brewing systems (L. Narziss)
09h15 to 09h45 Reflections on 40 years in brewhouse development (Th. Vervloet)
09h45 to 10h15 An overview of the Polish beer market and recent trends (J. Lichota)
  Coffee / Tea / Beer break
  Technical Session I : Brewhouse machinery and installations
10h30 to 11h00 Gentle and smart - final wort treatment by means of a dynamic coolship (T. Becher)
11h00 to 11h30 Brewhouse challenges caused by craft beer production (K. Müller-Auffermann)
11h30 to 12h00 The Browar Stu Mostów project: Planning and commissioning a craft brewery project in Poland (G. Ziemian)
  Technical Session II : Brewhouse instrumentation
13h30 to 14h00 Future inline instrumentation to improve brewhouse and brewery efficiency (A. Baumegger)
14h00 to 14h30 Online monitoring of mash processes using Specshell SIBA IR spectroscopy (A. Kunov-Kruse
14h30 to 15h00 Improving extract yield and wort viscosity: Automated measurement of hydrolytic enzymes in the production of fermentable sugars (C. Cornaggia)
  Coffee / Tea / Beer break
  Technical Session III : Raw materials and analysis
15h30 to 16h00 Hard resins: New insights into a long-known hop fraction (M. Biendl)
16h00 to 16h30 Basic beer style parameters - Quality control by basic means (A. G. Kristiansen)
16h30 to 17h00 Five years of increased hop utilisation by using a pre-isomerisation plant in practice - a review (S. Meyna)

Evening reception at Browar Mieszczański


TUESDAY, 20 September 2016 (Sofitel Wrocław Old City Centre)

  Technical Session IV : New technologies
09h00 to 09h30 The brewery of the future: Manufacturing intelligence and mobile devices (J. Both)
09h30 to 10h00 A generic modelling and simulation platform for assessing novel malting and brewing technologies (E. Hytönen)
10h00 to 10h30 Fundamental study on the application of lactic acid bacteria in oat wort based beverages (E. Steffen)
  Coffee / Tea / Beer break
  Technical Session V : Energy efficiency in the brewhouse
10h45 to 11h15 Energy Storage 2.0 - Advantages of an open system and impact on the water balance of a brewhouse (R. Michel)
11h15 to 11h45 The green brewery - Biogas from spent grains BDI (E. Offenbacher)
11h45 to 12h15 A complete energy management solution for breweries (S. Durrant)
  Technical Session VI : Wrap-up
13h15 to 13h45 Beer production with wort concentrate - potential for craft beer breweries? (J. Titze)
13h45 to 14h15 Innovative brewing process for non-alcoholic beer production (David De Schutter)
14h15 to 15h00 Summary and conclusions with reference to future EBC and The Brewers of Europe events (J. Brauer / Tiago Brandão / Carsten Zufall)
15h00 Shuttle service from Sofitel Old City Centre Hotel to WRO airport
15h30 to 17h30 Meeting 27 of the EBC Executive Committee (members only)
18h15 Departure of shuttle service from Sofitel Old City Centre Hotel to Browar Stu Mostów

Evening Reception and launch of the Schöps Project at Browar Stu Mostów


  • Aanton Paar
  • GEA
  • Hopsteiner
  • Actemium
  • Browary Polskie